Mae don’t start crying, you’ll get over it. Stay strong! Mae repeated the sentence so often that she noticed that she had stopped in the middle of the path. Lost in thought, she looked around the campus. Mae couldn’t believe what just happened there. Seconds ago, she ran out of the auditorium with trembling hands.

Was that really the Francis she was about to fall in love with? How could he humiliate me like that? Mae reproached herself, and a thousand questions went through her mind, but she had no intention ever talking to him again. How could he do this to me? If he wanted to know something about me, he could have just asked me. What was the purpose of this action? Mae didn’t understand what Francis had for a reason. I just can’t believe it. Unbelievable!

Up there on stage, he was like newborn. Totally different! Not like she knew him. He answers Gus‘ questions gamely, as if he were forced to do so and proud at the same time. Like it was a fun game for Francis and I was the victim of reality. Great job Francis! Thank you for sharing private information about me with way too many people. All the private information about me was so publicly accessible, shared with people I didn’t even know. With strangers. But isn’t that the real meaning of the circle? To have no privacy. To be transparent. Mae began to shake her head and put herself back in the position she experienced a few minutes ago. Mae continued walking and tried to hold back her tears. She felt like a victim. Bare. Mae was overwhelmed with her thoughts and felt embarrassed and exposed at the same time. I was so stupid to think he was one of the good guys. They don’t exist! Mae wandered back into the past and remembered his big hand touching her ankle. His lips on her lips. No, stop it. No, no, no. She missed all this already. I really thought we might be something serious. Hope was there, even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself until now. Within minutes Francis has managed to destroy all that was between us. How could he do this to me? Mae put on a fake smile, dryed her tears and went back. Stay strong“ she repeated quietly.

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From: Mae Holland | Adressed to: Annie Allerton


Dear Annie,                                                                                               22nd November, 2110

Dear Annie,  

it’s me Mae, your former best friend, were roommates at the collage. You remember me, don’t you? I hope so! I have been struggling with myself for weeks to write you this letter. I start the first sentences and then suddenly I can’t see, because everything infront of my eyes gets blurry. As you know ( if you remember) I’m a very emotional person and even now I can’t stop crying. Annie I miss you! You want me to confess something? When we had a room together in the collage, I imagined how we would drink tea as old grandmas and knit socks for our grandchildren. I really believed that our friendship would last forever, but look at us now. Look at our generation! What does friendship mean when you have more than 500 friends on Facebook, thousands of followers on Instagram and your daily flames on Snapchat? No idea, right? 

And don’t judge me! I only know so much about it, because my grandchildren spend a lot of time on their iPhone while I try to show them the important things in life. Back when I wasn’t an employee at the circle, I couldn’t understand that. For me, there was no real reality. 

Only more than 50 years have passed and I was really afraid to contact you, because I didn’t want all the bad memories to come up in you, but now while I’m in this hospital and every little detail here reminds me of death, I’m using my last days to do something, what I wanted to do since a long time. I want to apologize. I’m sorry Annie. I’m sorry that I wasn’t a good friend to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t take care of you like a mother, like you did for me ( you remember the accident during our studies) I’m sorry that I left without a word. I’m sorry and I really hope you can forgive me. 

I’m lying with stomach cancer in the 4 stadium in the hospital, looking into the sky all day long, because that’s the only view that still comforts me. I know that I will die soon and I hope that you will forgive me, that’s my last wish. And Annie, please live your life without fear and stay the way you are, because you are great. 

Thank you for our common past. 


In last love  ,

Mae Holland


Mae has just learnt about LuvLuv (pp 118 -124). After the presentation she take a walk to process the device. Write the interior monologue she has during her walk.


Mae, don’t cry you will get through this. Stay strong. Mae repeated the sentence so often, until she realized that she was not continuing her walk anymore. Mea couldn’t believe what happened some seconds ago before she was running out of the auditorium. Was that really the francis she fell in love with? How could he do that to me? If he wanted to know something about me, he just could have asked me. There was no reason why he should do that. What was his aim of this action? I can’t believe it! Mae had thousand questions in her head but she had no intention to talk to him again. Francis was like a new person on the tribune and answered the questions gamely. That was no game! It was reality! There were so many people listening to private informations of me.  Mae continued walking, holding back her tears. The feeling while I was listening to Gus and Francis, sitting there like a victim. Mae felt exposed and embarrassed at the same time. I was so stupid to trust him! I really believed he was one of the good guys.  Mae remberded his kisses, his big hand touching her ankle and was already missing it. I really thought it was getting serious between Francis and me. I was slowly falling in love and all of that was destroyed within some minutes. Thank you Francis!

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Comment on Dave Egger’s view of the future as portrayed in the Circle.

In the following I will comment on the future as portrayed in the Circle including a comparison to our future. My comment is addressed to a youth audience. 


if you’re reading this it’s probably to late, because you’re already a part of the tragedy and you can’t turn back, because you were born in this world. In this day and age. It’s 2018 and everyone needs the new iPhone, I know it’s really expensive, but you want it anyway. Right? You can unlock your phone with your finger print or you can just screen your face and the phone knows who you are. And who needs to think, when you can ask Siri who recognizes your voice, saves private information about you, knows your location and is like your new best friend, when none of your friends has time for you.

In addition to that you can fill out your health pass if you’re one of the smart guys, because when you’re in danger or something happens to you and a stranger finds your phone and the stranger doesn’t still it from you they can give the information for example to the sanitary  however they wanna unlock your phone.

Sounds great? Please read the text until you realize what the hell is going on. And I’m not finish, that is just the information that a small technical invention can have of us. Our phone. Everyone has one, that’s a fact, because our world is getting modern like never and without todays technique it’s difficult to survive the day. You can also pay with one click and you can have your own online identity card. Everything suddenly seems to become easier and easier.

Probably nothing new to you and I’m not writing this text without an aim. I’m writing this to open your eyes. Today’s generation is really comfortable and lazy. I recognized that by myself, but if you have todays technique inventions… No wonder! You really have to take care of  yourself! One day you will be the fish who swims with the stream. But please, never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.

The Circle portrays our future just exaggerated.

SeeChange, a camera you can wear around neck. It’s like a trend you have to follow, because everyone should be transparent, means you really need the camera. Even politics are wearing the cameras who share everything with the whole world. Like live videos on Facebook or Instagram.


Past Perfect, a programm that saves all the information about you, your background, your family, almost everything. Moreover exists a service called TruYou that includes/ summarizes all your bank and credit accounts into one. One account for everything.

In addition to that you can create your own account on Zing (or someone will open one for you)  to send smiles, create a status, something like Facebook. The main thing in the circle is that you have no privacy and you’re connected to everyone.

That sounds familiar to you?

Strange! Maybe todays progress of the technique is the reason why. To sum up Dave Eggers future in the Circle is really obviously. Everyone is noticing what happens and it’s clear that transparency is the most important thing in the book and (almost) everyone wants to share everything. No one asks questions. In comparison to our future, I think it wouldn’t be that easy. I think it would be a slow progress and everything would change so slow, that we don’t notice what the technique is doing with us and it’s already happening. One day, progress will catch up with us. One day, we are like the characters in the Circle and we will accept it without questioning it, because it’s normal, we are used to all this and can’t live without it.

Thank’s for your time and now, please enjoy your life and think about the worth of the real you and the virtual you. As the saying goes YOLO.


 Just to let you know: I have not finished the book. 
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Comparison of “Hunger Games” to “1984”

In the following I will compare the novels „Hunger Games“ written By Suzanne Collins to „1984“ written by Eric Arthur Blair.

At the beginning it becomes quickly clear that both stories represent the dystopian genre. In the Hunger Games we have a Post Apocalyptic future and we are in a science fiction world. 1984 is also a science fiction world but the society is controlled by a dictatorship called „Big Brother“.

The first difference between the novels is the perspective. The Hunger Games is written from the point of view of first person, also called the first perspective. In this case it’s the perspective from the protagonist Katniss. In other words it’s a limited perspective and the reader will only experience that what the character is going through.

„Yes, I can see the rebel army pouring into the Circle (…). I scan the are for the pods.“(l. 20)

1984 is written in the third person from the perspective of the protagonist Winston Smith. We see the story through his eyes and participate as reader on his thoughts.

„..It was a god job it was not a real pistol he was holding. Winston thought.“(p.13, l.37)

Winston Smith is a typical Dystopian Protagonist because he feels kind of trapped in the world and questions the existing of the political system in which he lives. Moreover he definitely feels that something is wrong with the society in which he lives.

„It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children. And with a good reason (…)“ (p.13, l.94)

Equally in „Hunger Games“ it becomes clear that the protagonist Katniss is trapped in her world (she is not the only one) and questions the systems too. She is afraid and don’t know whats to do while she is realizing that something is wrong and the world is out of control (Snows protection, exploding hovercrafts).

All in all are „1948“ and „Hunger Games“ only two novels with a different quintessential point, they have different backgrounds and actions on the other hand they still fulfill almost dystopian criteria equally.